Howard's, Central Texas Style Barbecue and Kitchen

Catering Co, Food Truck AND BARN. We do everything in house - wood smoking, pickling, and curing. Open every Saturday to the public at netil market


Howard’s Meat Co. is a barbecue company focused on bringing authentic, wood-smoked meats to London. With a background rooted in the smoking pits of Austin, TX, Howard’s is unique in its mission to smoke meats the Central Texas way. It’s all about enjoying and sharing fun and vibrant food, which is ideal for group events and parties. With a bespoke menu service, the food at Howard’s has a unique taste and experience, and our smokers only use sustainably-sourced local hardwoods, giving our meats a depth of flavor that’s not obtainable from gas or charcoal.

The history of Howard’s Meat Co. is a humble one. Beginning in Austin, TX, Josh would entertain his friends finishing up the late shift by smoking meats overnight on his front porch with a Pearl Snap lager in hand. Josh followed his passion for smoked meats to begin training under Thomas Micklethwait, of Micklethwait Craft Meats in 2014. Years later, Josh brought his talents back home to London, where he opened his Horse Box kitchen in April, 2015. With a lively location in Netil Market, close to the famed Broadway Market, Josh serves an ever-changing menu accompanied by fresh, zesty cocktails.

If you’re looking for authentic yet creative barbecue-smoked meats, we’re dedicated to being the best. Feel free to get in touch via the book us tab for a catering quote, or head on down to the trailer (23 Westgate St, London E8). We’d love to see you.   

Our previous clients include: Acton Bronson,  Buffalo Trace Whiskey, Camden Brewery, The Mail Online, Jess & the Bandits, River island, Secret Cinema, The US Embassy London, Wework Moorgate and many more.